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What people say when they receive a Turtle hat.

I am receiving delightful comments from people who have received Turtle Hats.

Here are some:

I purchased your hat via KickStarter and received a few days ago. You are absolutely correct about it starting conversations. Today I was stopped at yoga, the bank, grocery, post office and Starbucks. One woman told me about her pet turtle who has a room in her house. Looking forward to more conversations and your next project.


My dog Willy T. Fitzgibbons is enjoying the Turtle Hat and so am I! Thank you,


Hahaha, love the hat Lynn. Got mine today and it's a hit. Lots of smiles!!


Today I got a package. When I opened said package there was a new friend looking up at me. My Turtle Hat is here in CA.


Lynn - I got mine today and they exceed all expectations!


Just got my two TURTLE HATS. All I hoped for and more. Plan to make my friends fight over the "extra" one. Maybe Rock/Paper/Scissors.or maybe just the old SHELL game. Would send photos if I had your email address,


I received my Turtle Hat and it did exactly what I wanted: embarrassed my daughter!


It was to my gleeful surprise that I returned home this weekend to the arrival of my Turtle Hat! Both my kids tried it on and love it! I'll be shipping it off to my dad but it looks glorious! Thank you so much and count me in for further adventures!


Got mine. I can't wait to see the smile on my wife's face when she comes home to me wearing it.


How much do I love The Turtle Hat? You decide! (Followed by joyful photos!)


My friend Linda likes The Turtle Hat almost as much as I do! I'm running out of your business cards........ got more?


my turtle flies over the ocean

my turtle dives into the sea

we're having a great deal of fun here

won't you join my turtle and me?


TURTLE HAT SONG for Lynn Johnson (walking tempo)

I’ve tallied up a lot of years in this my earthly log.

Most family and friends are gone,

There’s just me and my dog.

We’ve talked about adding a pet to walk with us each day,

One that needs care and really likes to play.

When I first saw The Turtle Hat my old eyes shone with glee

This could be our perfect friend

… to join with Jack and me.

So now there is a turtle sitting on my head.

We call him Mr. Rogers, but he says, "Just call me Fred."

Ask me why I wear this hat? Well, I’ve got this to say:

Folks all smile and speak to him,

You know…That makes my day!


The hat arrived today in Germany. My friend was irritated, the dog cheered. Going to wear it on a walk with the dog tomorrow.


It arrived today! Thank you so much for making these hats and sharing the joy with so many people. My coworkers are very jealous so I've directed them to your website haha.

(This one is with Shawn in Canada; go Canucks.)


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