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Everyone Loves the Hat!

My story goes back to 1995. My son got married in Hawaii on Nov 7/95. Naturally we had to go and while there my brother found and bought this hat at the Golf Course in Hawaii for me. I have worn it to the point it is so ragged and stained that my wife won’t let me wear it anymore. I presently have a special place for it in my bar in my man cave. I have worn this hat to Cuba, Mexico, Hawaii, Vegas, and naturally to all events that I have attended over time. A lot of my friends have called me “Turtle” and chant it at golf tournaments, etc. People from foreign countries and anywhere for that matter come up to me and just start a conversation about the hat. It is better than any other people pleaser, (dog, cat etc.). In Cuba so many pretty girls had to touch my hat cause they believe a turtle is good luck. At 73 years old I sure didn’t complain, haha.

I have had all my friends to stay alert for this hat for me. What a surprise when I went on Google to see it there. Man, I got so excited cause I regularly search the web just “in case” and it sure shocked me. Lynn's story is very touching and I especially like the part where his daughter insisted he wear it while officiating at her wedding. Memories like that will never be forgotten. My biggest fear was when I lost it for about 6 months and thought my (ex) wife threw it out. But when I moved to B.C. from Alberta I found it stuck between the sofa and wall. I am glad to get a new one now.

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