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Following my Grandfather

Among the earliest memories I have is seeing my grandfather wearing the original Turtle Hat. It was special to him, and he only wore it on special occasions or trips. He always was in a good mood while wearing it and people would stop him on the street to compliment him or to ask where he got it. I always remember being fascinated with it, but by the time I was interested in procuring one for myself, the original Turtle Hat was long out of production. I have waited many years to get a Turtle Hat of my own, so when I found out about the Kickstarter campaign, I was thrilled to back it, emotional even. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I had a deep yearning for the Turtle Hat. I received my hat in time for my 25th birthday - about 20 years after I had first laid eyes on the Turtle Hat! I decided the best place to show it off would be on a special birthday trip to the Fort Worth Zoo, and I was not disappointed! I got many great comments and reactions throughout the day, and I myself felt happier and more amused just by wearing it. I even got a new shirt as a gift just to complement it! The Turtle Hat is fantastic for anyone who is looking to loosen up and come out of their shell, really! You will feel nicer and friendlier as soon as you put it on! I look forward to wearing it and to sharing the joy of the Turtle Hat with the world!

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