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Found a Replacement! Thanks!

Thank you so much for creating this hat. I bought one in 1995 when I was 16 yrs old at [a major restaurant chain] in South Carolina while on vacation there with my best friend's family. We both bought a turtle hat.

My husband has claimed it as his for the past 11 years! After my husband and I had our first child he would wear it when he took my daughter to the park. We joke about how the other moms would all come over and talk to him.

He wears it on vacations, and my kids wear it on hat day to school. My husband wore it to Animal Kingdom at Disney World and everyone wanted to know where to buy one, even the cast members. Everyone loved it! It has always been an ice-breaker and conversation piece.

My husband wears it to play poker too. I guess it has become a good luck charm.

Our turtle hat is looking pretty old and worn. We had also talked about trying to recreate them because everyone seemed to want one, but didn't know where to begin.

I have been searching all over the Internet for more hats for years without any luck. I even wrote an email to [the major restaurant chain]. I happened to search “turtle snap cap” in Google images this morning and I found the image of the hat taken apart. I clicked the link and it took me to the KickStarter page. I was so excited to see it had already been funded and you were taking orders.

I just ordered 4 more hats and I can't wait!

I will definitely tell everyone how to get one now that we found you. I'm excited to see what the Sea Turtle will look like and I will have to get a couple for next year's Sea Turtle Triathlon.

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