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Happily Reunited

Hello Lynn and makers of The Turtle Hat.

I am now happily wearing my new hat ordered from your website. I was overjoyed to read the story of how this smile-inducing hat could not be replaced and had to be made again.

I also had this hat from 1992-2003 and it went around the world with me. Then, while I was flying from Amsterdam to New York, I went to sleep and someone stole the hat off my head. Another interesting story about what some people will do for a Turtle Hat, I suppose.

I did a simple web search around Christmas, as I hopefully do each holiday season. All of a sudden, there were multiple posts of people wearing this hat.

I was ecstatic to see that you and the KickStarter campaign funders had made such a wonderful hat possible again.

Here is a new photo of me wearing the hat next to a mosaic in one of the new NYC subway stations that just opened on New Year's Day (2017).

Thank you very much indeed.

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